Welcome to 361° of Negotiation

I am Orna, the head of the Center for Negotiation management and Business Innovation in HIT, a senior lecturer, mediator and negotiation management researcher for more than two decades.

Over the years, I personally guided dozens of executives and organizations and helped them reach better achievements in negotiations, to solve conflicts and to develop effective communication both within the organization and outside of it.

I believe every one of us can negotiate well and improve their personal and professional abilities to be a better negotiator and have more control over their communication with people.

Therefore, to make the knowledge accessible to executives and professionals with busy schedule as well, I developed an online Negotiation Edutainment Mooc (massive open online course) which can be learned anywhere and anytime.

The course was produced as part of an award, by the Israeli Council of Higher Education.

So far the course was used by approximately 20 thousand learners, and will soon be available in English.

Like any other skill, negotiation must be practiced. For this purpose I developed tools for analysis and personal training, which are designed for people who wish to get maximal and fast results.

I welcome you to join our new “PAN ” system:

Personalities Analysis (for) Negotiation system

The system will recognize, using a personality test-based algorithm, the combination of factors that prevent you from reaching agreements in negotiations, and will give you an accurate image of the parameters that you are driven by.

Using the system, which is based on the Enneagram model, you could learn how to solve the resistance in a negotiation, from both sides. Likewise, it includes personally-fitted instructions for improvement and self-growth.

Besides the system, you can use the website to book online consulting, lectures and workshops.

You are more than welcome to contact me via email.